Our Children

Children accepted into our education sponsorship program understand the benefits that an education can provide but, due to the tough economic circumstances in Haiti, are unable to afford the minimum costs of tuition and fees required to attend public school. After submitting an application, they are evaluated by one of our in-country coordinators and must be approved by a member of the Haitian Roots Board of Directors before they are accepted to our program. For $300/year (or $25/month) you help a child attend school -- an opportunity taken for granted by most of us. To the children (and their families) in our sponsorship program, receiving an education means hope for the future and an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. You can change the life of one of these precious children by becoming a sponsor today!

If you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.

Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Ashley Dort

Ashley is 10 years old. Her birthday is April 2nd. She lives with her parents and 4 siblings. Two of them, Aphane and Jean Philippe, are also in the program. Ashley's favorite subject in school is math. She likes to help others and wants to become a doctor so she can take care of people. She likes to play with her friends, play soccer, and eat fish and rice.

Dave Berlick Sylvain

Hello, I'm Dave! I was born on July 15, 2007. In school I love learning about agriculture and the environment. When I'm not in school, my favorite thing to do is pretend I'm a doctor. My favorite foods are eggplant, bean sauce, and rice. I do not like okra! My favorite sport is soccer and my favorite colors are blue and white. The things I am most grateful for are my mother, my father, my God, my school, and the rest of my family.

Dahana Telcy

Beautiful Dahana was born in 2005. She lives in St Marc.

Wesnaytha Belizaire

Wesnaytha is 7 years old and attends school at the orphanage preschool. She has never had the opportunity to go to school before now and the teacher is hopeful that she can catch her up to her age group. Wesnaytha loves to climb on everything and do flips. She would probably be a gymnast if she had the chance!

Valdivio St Fleur

Validivio is quick to smile. He lives at La Maison orphanage with his 2 older sisters. He enjoys preschool at the orphanage as long as he is rested and not in need of a nap. His sisters take good care of him. He is happy and easy to play with.

Sebastien Sylvestre

Sebastiens birthday is April 18, 2012. He has lived at La Maison orphanage since he was a little baby. He has always been gentle, sweet and eager to play. He lights up during his preschool at the orphanage!

RoseDarliene Belizaire

RoseDarliene is 11 years old and loves to learn and is very smart. She lives at La Maison orphanage with her two younger sisters. She will practice her English every chance she gets. She is in school for the first time and is working very hard to catch up. With the right opportunities RoseDarleine will excel.

Richardson Edmond

Richardson is 11 years old. He lives at La Maison orphanage, along with his brother Peterson. He wants to be a doctor or a teacher when he grows up. He loves sports, is intelligent, and does well in school. For the older kids we want to have them sponsored through their basic education and then we will be looking to teach them a trade.

Ricardo Raphael

Ricardo’s birthday is October 24, 2010. He lives at La Maison. orphanage with his older brother Rayann. Ricardo loves playing with balls, and loves singing. He loves to play catch. He is animated, fun and social. He loves his preschool at the orphanage. His teacher is nice and Ricardo likes to sing songs with her.

Rayann Raphael

Rayann’s birthday is December 26, 2008. He lives at La Maison orphanage with his younger brother Ricardo. He is a leader and is very social. He is always involved in every activity and usually organizing the event! He is attending school for the first time at the orphanage preschool.

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