Our Children

Children accepted into our education sponsorship program understand the benefits that an education can provide but, due to the tough economic circumstances in Haiti, are unable to afford the minimum costs of tuition and fees required to attend public school. After submitting an application, they are evaluated by one of our in-country coordinators and must be approved by a member of the Haitian Roots Board of Directors before they are accepted to our program. For $300/year (or $25/month) you help a child attend school -- an opportunity taken for granted by most of us. To the children (and their families) in our sponsorship program, receiving an education means hope for the future and an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. You can change the life of one of these precious children by becoming a sponsor today!

If you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.

Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Richard Montalmont

Richard is 11 years old. He is in the program along with his younger sister, Shledia. Richard is a sweet boy and very smart. He likes to joke around and smile. However he worries about economic problems and still is stressed about the earthquake. When asked if he could have any wish what it would be, Richard responded, "That I would not be miserable, because misery is not fun."

Shledia Montalmont

Shledia is 10 years old. Her birthday is January 13th. She and her brother Richard are both in the program. Shledia really likes school. Her favorite subjects are French, English, Spanish, and Math. She likes working with people and thinks that she would like to become a doctor or nurse. When she is not in school or studying, she likes to run and jump rope.

Benjamin Jean Charles

My name is Benjamin. I am 5 years old and the second of three children (born in 2009). I go to the Haitian Roots Academy with my two brothers. My teachers say that I have a great personality!

Diana Duluce

Diana is 10 years old. Her favorite subject in school is math. She is a little behind in school because she has not had the opportunity for consistent education before joining Haitian Roots, but we hope to help her change that. Diana hopes to become a nurse some day, in fact it is the thing she wishes for most! When she is not in school she likes to practice reading. She likes rice but does not care for corn. She enjoys playing soccer. Her favorite colors are yellow, green, and red.

Ricardo Raphael

Ricardo’s birthday is October 24, 2010. He lives at La Maison. orphanage with his older brother Rayann. Ricardo loves playing with balls, and loves singing. He loves to play catch. He is animated, fun and social. He loves his preschool at the orphanage. His teacher is nice and Ricardo likes to sing songs with her.

Christine Charlostin

Hi! My name is Christine. I am 4 years old. My birthday is 5 February 2010. I am in kindergarten at the Haitian Roots Academy. I am always smiling and my teachers say that they love my good attitude. I am a gentle soul and I love anything to do with nature and animals.

Juvencia Guervil

Hi! My name is Juvencia. I just turned 4 years old on November 12th. I go to the Haitian Roots Academy. I love love love school! I can’t wait to put on my uniform early each morning! I live with my parents and two older siblings.

Lehi Leandro Jean Charles

Hi! I’m Lehi Leandro. I am 8 years old and in 3rd grade. I live with my 2 little brothers and my parents. I attend the Haitian Roots Academy. I always try to be very helpful and responsible. My dream is that one day I will become an airplane pilot and travel all over the world!

Nelie Chery

Bonjou! My name is Nelie. I am almost 3 years old. My birthday is 2 December 2011. I am happy to go to school and have friends. I am always kind to the other children at school. I live in Croix des Mission with my parents.

Rivaldo Sainvilus

Rivaldo will turn 13 years old on May 14th. He lives with his single mother who is unemployed. Rivaldo enjoys attending school and his favorite subject is math. His dream is to become a professional soccer player because playing soccer is the thing he likes to do most of all in life. When he's not at school or playing soccer, Rivaldo is studying. His favorite foods are rice, corn, and spaghetti. Rivaldo is a tender boy and a bit shy, but warms up quickly and then enjoys joking around. If he could have any wish it would be that he could watch movies.

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