Our Mission

Haitian Roots is a licensed non-profit organization designed to protect and empower underserved Haitian children through education. As of 2018, Haitian Roots operates 2 academies, providing education—including technical training—to 500 children.

Kote ki gen l'espwa, gen lavi

Where there is hope, there is life

Haitian Proverb

Haiti is desperately in need of technology and infrastructure. Haiti has an illiteracy rate of 85%. This results in crimes and abuses of all kinds. Haitian Roots believes that education is the key to changing Haitian society. The board of Haitian Roots is committed to fighting against the atrocities that are happening to the youth of Haiti. The organization gives the children of this nation an alternative to the path of poverty they are currently embarked upon.

Haitian Roots is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Its financial security relies upon donations from generous supporters. No member/employee of Haitian Roots will receive a salary. 100% of funds will go to the needs of educating the children of Haiti.

Special thanks to our business sponsors