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Why education? Haiti is the poorest country in the West and it costs about $600/year for a child to attend school. However, the average family of 6 earns less than $500/year. When an individual is illiterate, they do not have the basic skills that a quality education offers and are often condemned to a life of poverty, ill health, and social exclusion. The good news is that education beats poverty. Children who attend school are not only healthier, better-nourished, and live more prosperous lives, but they become aware of their own potential in the world and are equipped with the life skills necessary to thrive in society.

We Need Your Help

Parents line up, begging to have their children admitted to our program so that they can have a chance for a better tomorrow. Sponsor a child's education today for only $300 ($25/month) and help us change a child's future.

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Education Sponsorship

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La Maison Orphanage

Provide for the immediate needs of Haiti's precious orphans Learn more »

Our School

Help build a school to provide greater access to quality education Learn more »

hah2 Have a Heart for Haiti Gala

Haitian Roots is thrilled to announce our first annual "Have a Heart for Haiti" Gala!   We hope that you will participate in this exciting event.  There are a lot of ways to get in on the action!

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La-Maison-VAN-for-Web La Maison Orphanage Needs a New Van

La Maison Ophanage needs a new vehicle!! We have already raised $18,000 and we need a total of $40,000.  Please help us transport our kids safely and help our director start his own business by CLICKING HERE to donate to our van fund.

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The-joys-of-rice-and-beans-for-WEB2 The Joys of Rice and Beans

On a recent trip to Haiti I sat with our orphanage kids while they ate. This mixture of rice, a few beans and gravy is served almost daily for their main meal at 2pm.

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See-You-tomorrow See You Tomorrow- Na Wé Demen

If you ever get the chance to visit our kids at La Maison orphanage, this is likely the picture you will see when you are leaving.

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